More storage space for your kitchen

Thanks to the particularly flat air outlet, our downdraft ventilation offers you the option of continuing to use the storage space under the stovetop as a drawer. This means you gain more storage space in your kitchen without having to lose space on the cooktop.

Installation height

The flat concept gives you more storage space with, for example, an additional drawer under the stovetop.

Bridge function and temperature zones

With the help of the bridge function, 2 zones can be coupled. This means that even larger roasters can be easily accommodated. Specific temperature settings allow you to grill vegetables, meat and fish at the optimal temperature.

Product features Kristall

Induction cooktop with downdraft ventilation

High-End Design

The minimalist design and special feel will blend into any kitchen design and add to the style of your kitchen.

Intuitive controls

The clear white of the touch control and the automatic pot recognition show you at any time which cooking zone you are currently using.


The stainless steel components of the downdraft ventilator allow for easy cleaning and prevent bad odors from taking hold.


With the integrated timer, you always have an eye on the time.

Air control with automatic run-on function

Air control in nine levels and power stage. With integrated run-on function.

Made in Germany

Produced in our German manufactory.

Three different installation kits

Our trough fans have two installation options for recirculation and one for extraction.

Product details
in the overview

Dimensions & Values

Device dimensions (W x H x D)

830 x 84 x 515 mm

Cutout dimensions (W x D)

805 x 490 mm

Connection Values

Voltage AC 220240 V 2NAC 400 V 50/60 Hz

Power 7,4 kW

Cooking zones

2 induction cooking zones 190 x 220 mm, 2,1/3,7 kW

2 induction cooking zones 190 x 220 mm, 2,1/3,5 kW

Bridge function

left and right, 390 x 220 mm, 3,7 kW

Operating mode

circulation or extraction

Max. power

576 m3/H


168 W


9 levels+ Power

+ run-on function

Air output motor

NW 150

Operating noise

min. 32 dBA - max. 66 dBA

Grease separation

95,1 % - Class A

Energy efficiency index (EEI)


Fan efficiency class (FDE)


Annual energy consumption (EC)

24 kW/ year

  • Induction cooktop
  • Power cable
  • Stainless steel grease filter
  • Sealing strip
  • Cooking tongs
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Cover glass
  • Instructions for use and assembly
  • Care instructions

Fact sheets

Under the data sheets are the cleaning note, the Benthaus data sheet, the energy data sheet and the instructions for use and installation.

Data sheet Benthaus Kristall

Energiedatenblatt Kristall


User manual

Air circulation sets

All air circulation sets are available for download here.

Datenblatt Benthaus Kristall Sockelblende

Datenblatt Benthaus Kristall Sockel

Air extraction sets

The data sheet air extraction set is available for download here.

Datenblatt Benthaus Abluftset Kristall

Replacement carbon filter mats

The replacement carbon filter mats can be requested.

Replacement charcoal filter mat for charcoal filter with base screen.

Replacement charcoal filter mat for charcoal filter in base.

Plasma filter

In general, you can use all common plasma filters that have a pressure socket and their own power supply. The easiest way is to combine the exhaust air set with the plasma filter.

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